Psalms in Metre
   1  All laud and praise with heart and voice,
         O Lord, I give to thee,
      Who didst not make my foes rejoice,
         but hast exalted me.
   2  O Lord my God, to thee I cried
         in all my pain and grief;
      Thou gav'st an ear, and didst provide
         to ease me with relief.
   3  Thou, Lord, hast brought my soul from hell,
         and from the same didst save
      From them that in the pit do dwell,
         and kept'st me from the grave.
   4  Sing praise, ye saints, that prove and see
         the goodness of the Lord;
      In honour of his Majesty
         rejoice with one accord.
   5  For why? His anger but a space
         doth last, ceasing again;
      But in his favour and his grace
         always doth life remain.
   6  Though heaviness and pangs full sore
         abide with us all night,
      The Lord to joy shall us restore
         before the day be light.
   7  When I enjoyed the world at will,
         thus would I boast and say,
      Tush, I am sure to feel no ill,
         my wealth shall not decay:
   8  For thou, O Lord, of thy good grace,
         didst send me strength and aid;
      But when thou turnedst away thy face,
         my mind was sore dismayed,
   9  Wherefore again then did I cry
         to thee, O Lord of might,
      And my complaints did multiply,
         praying both day and night.
  10  What gain is in my blood, said I,
         if death destroy my days?
      Can dust declare thy majesty,
         or give thy truth its praise?
  11  Wherefore, my God, some pity take,
         O Lord, I thee desire;
      Do not, O Lord, my soul forsake,
         of thee I help require.
  12  Then thou didst turn my grief and woe
         into a cheerful voice;
      My sackcloth didst take off also,
         and mad'st me to rejoice,
  13  Wherefore my soul incessantly
         shall sing unto thy praise;
      O Lord my God. to thee will I
         give laud and thanks always.