Psalms in Metre

   1  Give to the Lord, ye potentates,
         give ye with one accord,
      All praise and honour, might and strength,
         Unto the living lord.
   2  Give glory to his holy Name,
         And honour him alone;
      Give worship to his Majesty,
         within his holy throne.
   3  His voice doth rule the waters all,
         as he himself doth please;
      He doth prepare the thunder-claps,
         and governs all the seas.
   4  The voice of God is of great force,
         and wond'rous excellent:
      It is most mighty in effect,
         and most magnificent.
   5  The voice of God doth rend and break
         the cedar-trees so long,
      The cedar-trees of Lebanon,
         which are both high and strong;
   6  And makes them leap like as a calf,
         or as the unicorn;
      Not only trees, but mountains great,
         whereon the trees are borne.
   7  His voice divides the flames of fire,
         and shakes the wilderness:
      It makes the desert quake for fear,
         that Cades called is;
   8  It makes the hinds for fear to calve,
         and coverts plain appear;
      And in his temple ev'ry man
         speaks of his glory there.
   9  The lord doth sit upon the floods,
         their fury to restrain:
      And he likewise as Lord and King
         for evermore shall reign.
  10  The Lord will give his people strength,
         whereby they shall increase,
      And he will bless his chosen flock,
         with everlasting peace.