Psalms in Metre
   1  There is no God, do foolish men
         affirm in their mad mood;
      Their drifts are all corrupt and vain,
         not one of them doth good.
   2  The Lord beheld from heav'n most high
         the whole race of mankind,
      And saw not one that sought indeed
         the living God to find.
   3  They went all wide, and were corrupt,
         and truly there was none
      That in the world did any good,
         no, not so much as one.
   4  Is all their judgment so far lost,
         that all work mischief still,
      Eating my people e'en as bread,
         not one to seek God's will.
   5  When they thus rage, then suddenly
         great fear on them shall fall;
      For God doth love the righteous men,
         and will preserve them all.
   6  Ye mock the doings of the poor,
         to their reproach and shame;
      Because they put their trust in God,
         and call upon his Name.
   7  But who shall give thy people health
         and when wilt thou fulfill
      Thy promise made to Israel
         from out of Zion hill.
   8  For when thou shalt restore again
         such as were captive led,
      Then Jacob shall therein rejoice,
         and Israel be glad.


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