Psalms in Metre
   1  Within thy tabernacle, Lord,
         who shall inhabit still ?
      Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell
         in thy most holy hill?
   2  The man whose life is uncorrupt,
         whose works are just and straight,
      Whose heart doth think the very truth,
         and tongue speaks no deceit;
   3  That to his neighbor doth no ill,
         in body, goods, or name;
      Nor willingly doth slanders raise,
         which might impair the same:
   4  That in his heart regardeth not
         malicious wicked men;
      But those that love and fear the Lord,
         he maketh much of them:
   5  His oath and all his promises
         that keepeth faithfully;
      Although he make his cov'nant so
         that he doth lose thereby:
   6  That putteth not to usury
         his money and his coin;
      Nor for to hurt the innocent
         doth bribe, nor yet purloin.
   7  Whoso doth these things faithfully,
         and turneth not therefrom,
      Shall never perish in this world,
         nor that which is to come.


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