Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 O THOU God who hearest prayer,
All shall come to thee that live:
Sins too great for us to bear
Thou wilt pity and forgive.
Great, O God, thy saving grace,
Wonderful thy truth is found:
Hope of earth's extremest race,
Hope of ocean's utmost bound.

2 God of goodness, from thy store
Earth receives the wealthy rain;
Thy full channels gushing o'er
Raise for man the springing grain.
Earth, by thy soft dews prepared,
Fills her furrows, smooths her soil;
And her crops with rich reward
Bless the labourer's happy toil.

3 With thy gifts the year is crowned;
Clouds, thy chariots, from on high
Scatter o'er the desert ground
Drops of fatness, as they fly.
Gladness girds the mountain height,
Fleecy meads with gladness ring:
Vales, with gleaming harvest white,
Shout-for gladness, shout and sing