Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 O THOU faithful God of love,
Gladly I thy promise plead,
Waiting for my last remove,
Hastening to the happy dead,
Lo, I cast on thee my care,
Breathe my latest breath in prayer.

2 Trusting in thy word alone,
I to thee my children leave;
Call my little ones thine own,
Give them, all thy blessings give,
Keep them while on earth they breathe,
Save their souls from endless death.

3 Whom I to thy grace commend
Into thy protection take,
Be her sure immortal friend,
Save her for my Saviour's sake;
Free from sin, from sorrow free,
Let my widow trust in thee.

4 Father of the fatherless,
Husband of the widow prove;
Me and mine persist to bless,
Tell me we shall meet above,
Seal the promise on my heart,
Bid me then in peace depart.