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An excellent starting place to find the "origin",  or earliest records, of  "GOD", is an examination of the "FISH" symbol.  It is said to have been used by the early followers of Jesus and is used today to represent Christianity, however it will be found to be more ancient than you think.

Everywhere you drive on the highway you can see the symbol of a: "FISH", on the rear of numerous cars, and trucks.  It is now so popular it is used on everything from business cards to the yellow pages.

The Christian church teaches that this symbol has existed for centuries- representing the concept:

  "Jesus, was the Fisher of men".

Today, it's origin and meaning are clouded by a vague tradition.  But the antiquity associated with this symbol was enough to make it accepted without question by modern  Christians who are striving for a closer identity with their roots.

Unknown to moderns, however, the "FISH" symbol is not unique to Christianity, but was in use long before that era.

   SEVA           OANNES             PISCES 

Differing types of, "FISH", symbols have appeared in modern society that  have come into popular use, like;


However, there is one, "FISH", symbol version which makes it possible to discover it's entire background, because the Greek letters:,  have been  placed within its body, as follows:


These Greek letters indicate what is known as an ACROSTIC,  or the first letters of the words in a phrase that represents a mystical meaning.   

ACROSTICS were used by ancient religious cults to identify themselves to one another in secret.  This particular acrostic: ,   said to have been used by early Christians, was developed  out of earlier beliefs.  When the acrostic was joined to the "FISH" symbol it is then possible to uncover its real meaning in ancient religious worship, through historical research.

  * * * * *

The first step to uncovering the ancient historical background of the "FISH" symbol, is to translate the Greek letters of the acrostic graphically.


The direct English translation of the Greek:  is:  Ichthys.  The definition of this word as taken from: Webster New International Dictionary.

Ich'thys (Ik 'thys), n.  an early Christian mystical symbol for Christ, being  a fish, or the Greek word for fish, which combined the initials of the Greek words: 

If the acrostic is the Greek word for " FISH", then how can it also have the   meaning of Christ (Jesus)?  We are not left  in the dark, for historical records present a startling revelation.  A detailed examination of the various  translations of each Greek letter will gradually reveal the origin of the elements in the acrostic and symbol, to be north of India, thousands of years ago.


The examination of the material to be presented reveals that the Greek words:  

  do not translate into the English:

"Jesus  Christ  God  Son  Saviour",

as we have  been taught.  The evidence would rather show that these Greek words, when translated  - actually are:

"Iesous  Chrestos  Theos  Yios  Soter"

which are directly related to:

  • The sun

  • A hidden knowledge or wisdom

  • The astrological sign of Aries or Pisces.

  • The astronomical star: Sothis or Sirius or the dog star

  • Several deities: Apollo, Jupiter, Isis, etc...

  • "Periods" or "cycles of time", called:  Avatars or Neros, developed north of India by a mystical ancient culture, known as: "the people of the  cycles".  * * * *

We will withhold the involved linguistic investigation for the present.  It will become clear later why !  It involves many historical sources, such as:

  • The Bible
  • Greek history
  • The life of Constantine I ( the Great)
  • Middle Eastern beliefs
  • Symbolism and  etymology
  • Early Christianity
  • Astronomy and astrology
  • Quotes from ancient historians
  • Quotes from books

All of these sources are necessary in order to clearly understand the "origin" of "GOD" or the Christian "Creator", as revealed to the millions of people before Jesus. * * * *    

In summary this non- exhaustive, but amply sufficient data will show: 

  • The "FISH" symbol and ACROSTIC both predate the Christian era by a few thousand years!
  • The new testament Christian creator written as "GOD" in English has the identical meaning as the old testament Hebrew creator names of:  Jehovah, Yahweh, Jah, El, etc...
  • The various names applied to the Hebrew creator were the same or similar to earlier deities in other cultures, but under a different dialect.
  • The Christian creator "GOD" was known to millions of people before Jesus time, only under different names, and surprisingly identical  beliefs!

Only brief information has been presented here about the acrostic and fish symbol which is one small element of religious belief.  This is but the  prelude to a vast spectrum of religious history which is at hand!  This knowledge is virtually unknown to western people at this time.  There is no one source today to learn this information and it has never been presented anywhere.

You will know things that none of your friends have any idea exist.

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