Psalms in Metre
   1  My Lord, my God, in all distress
         my hope is whole, in thee;
      Then let no shame my soul oppress,
         nor once take hold on me.
   2  As thou art just, defend me, Lord,
         and rid me out of dread;
      Give ear, and to my suit accord,
         and send me help at need,
   3  Be thou my rock, to whom I may
         for aid all times resort:
      Thy promise is to help alway,
         thou art my fence and fort.
   4  Save me, my God, from, winked men,
         and from their strength and pow'r;
      From folk unjust, and also them
         that cruelly devour.
   5  Thou art my stay whereon I rest,
         thou, Lord of hosts, art he;
      E'en from my youth I thought it best
         still to depend on thee.
   6  Thou hast me kept e'en from my birth,
         and I through thee was born;
      Wherefore I will thee praise with mirth
         both ev'ning and at morn.
   7  As to a monster seldom seen
         much folk about me throng;
      But thou art now and still hast been,
         my fence and aid most strong.
   8  Wherefore; my mouth for ever shall
         be fillèd with thy praise,
      Also my tongue shall never fail
         To honour thee always.
   9  Refuse me not, O Lord, I pray,
         when age my limbs doth take,
      And when my strength doth waste away,
         do not my soul forsake.
  10  Among themselves my foes inquire
         to take me through deceit;
      And they against me do conspire
         that for my soul lay wait.
   The Second Part.
  11  Lay hands upon him now, they said,
         for God from him is gone;
      Dispatch him quick, for to his aid
         most sure there cometh none.
  12  Do not withdraw thyself away,
         O Lord, when need shall be,
      But that in time of grief I may
         have speedy help from thee.
  13  With shame confound and overthrow
         all those that seek my life;
      Suppress them with rebuke also
         that fain would work me strife.
  14  But I will patiently abide
         thy help at all essays;
      Still more and more each time and tide
         I will set forth thy praise.
  15  My mouth thy justice shall record
         that daily help doth send;
      For thy great benefits, O Lord,
         no numbers have nor end.
 16  Yet will I go and seek for one,
        with thy good help, O God,
     The saving health of thee alone,
        to show and set abroad.
  17  For of my youth thou took'st the care,
         and dost instruct me still;
      Therefore thy wonders to declare
         I have great mind and will.
  18  And as in youth from wanton rage
         thou didst me keep and stay,
      Forsake me not in my old age,
         and when my head is gray.
   The Third Part.
  19  That I thy strength and might may show
         to them that now be here,
      And that our seed thy pow'r may know
         Here after many year.
  20  O Lord, thy justice doth exceed,
         thy doings all may see:
      Thy works are wonderful indeed;
         Oh, who is like to thee!
  21  Thou mad'st me feel affliction sore,
         and yet thou didst me save;
      Yea, thou didst help, and me restore,
         and took'st me from the grave.
  22  And thou my honour dost increase,
         my dignity maintain;
      Yea, thou dost make all grief to cease,
         and comfort'st me again.
  23  Therefore thy faithfulness to praise
         I will with viol sing;
      My harp shall sound thy laud always,
         O Israel's ho1y King.
  24  My mouth will with pleasant voice
         when I shall sing to thee;
      Also my soul shall much rejoice,
         for thou hast set me free.
  25  My tongue thy righteousness shall sound,
         I daily speak it will;
      For grief and shame do them confound,
         that seek to work me ill.