Psalms in Metre
1  Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;
       it is a seemly sight,
    That upright men with thankful voice
       should praise the Lord of light.
 2  Praise ye the Lord with harp, and sing
       to him with psaltery;
    With ten-stringed instrument sounding,
       praise ye the Lord most high:
 3  Sing to the Lord a song most new,
       with courage give him praise;
    For why? his word is ever true,
       his works and all his ways:
 4  Both judgement, equity, and right,
       he ever loved and will;
    And with his gifts he doth delight
       the earth throughout to fill.
 5  For by the word of God alone
       the heav'ns above were wrought,
    Their hosts and powers ev'ry one
       his breath to pass hath brought.
 6  The waters great gathered hath he
       on heaps within the shore,
    And hid them in the depth to be
       as in a house of store.
 7  Let all the earth then fear the Lord,
       and keep his righteous law;
    And all the world with one accord
       dread him, and stand in awe.
 8  What he commanded, wrought it was
       at once with utmost speed;
    What he doth will, is brought to pass
       with full effect indeed.
 9  The counsels of the nations rude
       the Lord doth bring to naught;
    He doth defeat the multitude
       of their device and thought:
10  But his decrees continue still,
       they never slack nor 'swage;
    The motions of his mind and will
       take place in every age.
   The Second Part.
11  Bless-ed are they to whom the Lord
       as God and guide is known,
    Whom he doth choose of mere accord,
       to take them as his own.
12  The Lord from heav'n did cast his sight
       on men mortal by birth,
    Beholding from his seat of might
       the dwellers on the earth:
13  The Lord, I say, whose hand hath wrought
       man's heart, and doth it frame,
    'Tis he alone doth know the thought
       and working of the same.
14  A king that trusteth in his host,
       shall naught prevail at length;
    A man that of his might doth boast,
       shall fail for all his strength.
15  The troops of horsemen all shall fail,
       their sturdy steeds shall swerve;
    The strength of horse shall not prevail
       the rider to preserve.
16  But lo, the eyes of God attend
       and watch to aid the just,
    With such as fear him to offend,
       and on his goodness trust:
17  That he of death and great distress
       may set their souls from dread;
    And if that dearth their land oppress,
       in hunger them to feed.
18  Wherefore our soul doth whole depend
       on God our strength and stay;
    He is our shield us to defend,
       and drive all darts away.
19  Our joyful souls alway proclaim
       his power and his might:
    For why? in his most holy Name
       we hope and much delight.
20  Therefore let thy goodness, O Lord,
       still present with us be,
    As we always with one accord
       do only trust in thee.