Psalms in Metre
   1  O Lord, how joyful is the king
         in thy strength and thy pow'r!
      Exceedingly he doth rejoice
         in thee his Saviour.
   2  For thou hast given unto him
         his godly heart's desire;
      To him thou nothing hast denied
         of that he did require.
   3  Thou didst present him with thy gifts
         and blessings manifold;
      And thou hast set upon his head
         a crown of perfect gold,
   4  And when he ask-ed life of thee,
         thereof thou mad'st him sure
      To have long life, yea, such a life
         as ever shall endure.
   5  Great is his glory by thy help,
         thy benefit and aid;
      Great worship and great honour both
         thou hast upon him laid.
   6  Thou wilt give him felicity,
         that never shall decay,
      And with thy cheerful countenance
         wilt comfort him alway.
   7  Because the king doth strongly trust
         in. God for to prevail;
      Therefore his goodness and his grace
         to save him will not fail.
   8  Thy enemies shall feel thy force,
         and those that thee withstand:
      Find out thy foes, and let them feel
         the pow'r of thy right hand,
   9  And like an oven burn them, Lord,
         in fiery flame and fume:
      Thy anger shall destroy them all,
         and fire shall them consume.
  10  And thou shalt root out of the earth
         their fruit that should increase,
      And from the number of thy folk
         their seed shall end and cease.
  11  For they much mischief did contrive
         against thy holy Name:
      Yet did they fail, and had no pow'r
         for to perform the same.
  12  But as a mark thou shalt them set
         in a most open place,
      And charge thy bow-strings readily
         against their very face.
  13  Be thou exalted, Lord, in thy
         own strength, which is our tow'r;
      So shall we sing right solemnly,
         praising thy might and pow'r.