Psalms in Metre
   1  Why did the Gentiles tumults raise?
         What rage was in their brain?
      Why do the people still contrive
         a thing that is but vain?
   2  The kings and rulers of the earth
         conspire and are all bent
      Against the Lord, and Christ his Son,
         whom he among us sent.
   3  Shall we be bound to them? Say they,
         let all their bonds be broke;
      And of their doctrine and their law
         let us reject the yoke.
   4  But he that in the heav'n doth dwell,
         their doings will deride;
      And make them all as mocking-stocks
         throughout the world do wide.
   5  For in his wrath he shall reprove
         their pride and scornful way,
      And in his fury trouble them,
         and unto them shall say,
   6  I have anointed him my King
         upon my holy hill;
      I will therefore, Lord, preach thy law
         according to thy will:
   7  The law whereof the Lord himself
         hath thus said unto me,
      Thou art my only Son, this day
         have I begotten thee.
   8  The people I will give to thee,
         as heirs at thy request
      The ends and coasts of all the earth
         by thee shall be possessed.
   9  Thou shalt them bruise e'en like to those
         that under foot are trod,
      And as a potter's vessel break
         them with an iron rod.
  10  Now ye, O kings and rulers all,
         be wise therefore and learned,
      By who the matters of the world
         are judged and discerned.
  11  See that ye serve the Lord above
         in trembling and in fear;
      See that with rev'rence ye rejoice
         when ye to him draw near:
  12  See that ye do embrace and kiss
         his Son without delay;
      Lest in his wrath ye suddenly
         Perish from the right way.
  13  If once his wrath (but little) shall
         be kindled in his breast,
      Then only they that trust in him
         shall happy be and blest.

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