Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 VOUCHSAFE to keep me, Lord, this day
Without committing sin,
And with me let thy Spirit stay,
And ever dwell within.

2 Thou canst from every sin secure;
And is it not thy will
Still to preserve thy servant pure
From every touch of ill?

3 Thou canst, thou wilt for one short day
Preserve me spotless here,
And why not then (let Satan say)
A week, a month, a year?

4 Why wilt thou not for all my life
My helpless soul defend,
And bear me through the doubtful strife,
And keep me to the end!

5 Behold, with humble faith I bow
My soul before thy throne;
Deliver me from evil now,
For thou canst save thine own.

6 My soul on thee, O Lord, relies,
Thine arms are my defence,
My soul hell, earth, and sin defies
To come and pluck me thence.