Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 THOU, who hast in Zion laid
The true foundation-stone,
And with those a covenant made,
Who build on that alone:
Hear us, architect divine,
Great builder of thy church below!
Now upon thy servants shine,
Who seeketh praise to show.

2 Earth is thine; her thousand hills
Thy mighty hand sustains;
Heaven thy awful presence fills;
O'er all thy glory reigns:
Yet the place of old prepared
By regal David's favoured son
Thy peculiar blessing shared,
And stood thy chosen throne.

3 We, like Jesse's son, would raise
A temple to the Lord;
Sound throughout its courts his praise,
His saving name record;
Dedicate a house to him,
Who, once in mortal weakness shrined,
Sorrowed, suffered, to redeem,
To rescue all mankind.

4 Father, Son, and Spirit, send
The consecrating flame;
Now in majesty descend,
Inscribe the living name;
That great name by which we live
Now write on this accepted stone;
Us into thy hands receive,
Our temple make thy throne.

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