Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 THE grace of Jesus Christ the Son
Be on his church bestowed:
Jesus, through thy free grace alone
We have access to God:
To favour now through thee restored,
O may we still retain
The mercy of our pardoning Lord,
And never sin again!

2 Father, thy love in Christ reveal,
Which spake us justified,
And let the gift unspeakable
In all our hearts abide:
Humbly we trust thy faithful love
Thy children to defend,
And hide our life with Christ above,
And keep us to the end.

3 Come, Holy Ghost, supply the want
Of all thy saints and me,
In all thy gifts and graces grant
Us fellowship with thee:
The pledge, the witness, and the seal,
We look for thee again,
In us eternally to dwell,
Eternally to reign.