Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 THE foe behind, the deep before,
Our hosts have dared and passed the sea:
And Pharaoh's warriors strew the shore,
And Israel's ransomed tribes are free.

2 Lift up, lift up your voices now!
The whole wide world rejoices now!
The Lord hath triumphed gloriously!
The Lord shall reign victoriously!

3 Happy morrow,
Turning sorrow
Into peace and mirth!
Bondage ending,
Love descending
O'er the earth!

4 Seals assuring,
Guards securing,
Watch his earthly prison.
Seals are shattered,
Guards are scattered,
Christ hath risen!

5 No longer must the mourners weep,
Nor call departed Christians dead;
For death is hallowed into sleep,
And every grave becomes a bed.

6 Now once more
Eden's door
Open stands to mortal eyes;
For Christ hath risen, and man shall rise!

7 Now at last,
Old things past,
Hope, and joy, and peace begin;
For Christ hath won, and man shall win!

8 It is not exile, rest on high:
It is not sadness, peace from strife;
To fall asleep is not to die:
To dwell with Christ is better life.

9 Where our banner leads us,
We may safely go:
Where our Chief precedes us,
We may face the foe.

10 His right arm is o'er us,
He our guide will be:
Christ hath gone before us,
Christians, follow ye!