Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 JESUS, with kindest pity see
The souls that would be one in thee:
If now, accepted in thy sight,
Thou dost our upright hearts unite,
Allow us even on earth to prove
The noblest joys of heavenly love.

2 Before thy glorious eyes we spread
The wish which doth from thee proceed:
Our love from earthly dross refine;
Holy, angelical, divine,
Thee its great Author let it show,
And back to the pure fountain flow.

3 A drop of that unbounded sea,
O Lord, resorb it into thee!
While all our souls, with restless strife,
Spring up into eternal life,
And, lost in endless raptures, prove
Thy whole immensity of love.

4 A spark of that ethereal fire,
Still let it to its source aspire,
To thee in every wish return,
Intensely for thy glory burn;
While all our souls fly up to thee,
And blaze through all eternity.