Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 JESUS, my King, to thee I bow,
Enlisted under thy command;
Captain of my salvation, thou
Shalt lead me to the promised land.

2 Thou hast a great deliverance wrought,
The staff from off my shoulder broke,
Out of the house of bondage brought,
And freed me from the Egyptian yoke.

3 O'er the vast howling wilderness,
To Canaan's bounds thou hast me led;
Thou bidd'st me now the land possess,
And on thy milk and honey feed.

4 I see an open door of hope,
Legions of sins in vain oppose;
Bold I with thee, my Head, march up,
And triumph o'er a world of foes.

5 Gigantic lusts come forth to fight,
I mark, disdain, and all break through,
I tread them down in Jesu's might,
Through Jesus I can all things do.

6 Lo! the tall sons of Anak rise!
Who can the sons of Anak meet?
Captain, to thee I lift mine eyes,
And, lo! they fall beneath my feet.

7 Passion, and appetite, and pride,
(Pride, my old, dreadful, tyrant-foe)
I see cast down on every side,
And conquering, I to conquer go.

8 My Lord in my behalf appears;
Captain, thy strength-inspiring eye
Scatters my doubts, dispels my fears,
And makes the host of aliens fly.

9 Who can before my Captain stand?
Who is so great a King as mine?
High over all is thy right hand,
And might and majesty are thine!