Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 GOD of that glorious gift of grace
By which thy people seek thy face,
When in thy presence we appear,
Vouchsafe us faith to venture near.

2 Confiding in thy truth alone,
Here, on the steps of Jesu's throne,
We lay the treasure thou hast given
To be received and reared for heaven.

3 Lent to us for a season, we
Lend him for ever, Lord, to thee;
Assured that if to thee he live,
We gain in what we seem to give.

4 Large and abundant blessings shed
Warm as these prayers upon his head;
And on his soul the dews of grace,
Fresh as these drops upon his face.

5 Make him and keep him thine own child,
Meek follower of the Undefiled;
Possessor here of grace and love,
Inheritor of heaven above.