Psalms in Metre
   1  When Israel by God's command
         from Pharaoh's land was bent,
      And Jacob's house the strangers left,
         and in the same train went:
   2  In Judah God his glory showed,
         his holiness most bright;:
      So did the Israelites declare
         his kingdom, pow'r, and might.
   3  The sea saw it, and suddenly,
         as all amazed did fly;
      The roaring streams of Jordan s flood
         gave back immediately,
   4  As rams afraid, the mountains skipped,
         their strength did them forsake;
      And as the Silly trembling lambs,
         their tops did beat and shake.
   5  What ailed thee, O sea, that thou
         so suddenly didst fly?
      Ye rolling waves of Jordan's flood,
         why turned ye so swiftly?
   6  Ye mountains, e'en as rams afraid,
         why did your strength so shake?
      Why did your tops, as trembling lambs,
         quiver with fear, and quake?
   7  O earth, confess thy sov'reign Lord,
         and dread his mighty hand;
      Before the face of Jacob's God,
         fear ye both sea and land.
   8  I mean the God, who from hard rocks
         causèd floods to appear,
      And from the stony flint doth send
         fountains of water clear.