Psalms in Metre
   1  God, save me for thy holy Name,
         and for thy goodness' sake:
      Unto the strength, Lord, of the same,
         I do my cause betake.
   2  Regard, O Lord, and give an ear
         to me when I do pray;
      Bow down thyself to me, and hear
         the words that I do say:
   3  For strangers up against me rise,
         and tyrants vex me still,
      Who have not God before their eyes,
         that seek my soul to spill.
   4  But lo, my God doth give me aid,
         the Lord is nigh at hand;
      With them by whom my soul is stayed
         the Lord doth ever stand.
   5  With plagues repay again all those
         for me that lie in wait,
      And in thy truth destroy my foes
         with their own snare and bait.
   6  An off'ring of free heart and will
         then I to thee shall make,
      And praise thy Name, for therein still
         great comfort I do take.
   7  Thou, Lord, at length hast set me free
         from them that craft conspire,
      And now my eye with joy doth see
         on them my heart's desire.

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