1 THUS saith the Lord! Who seek the Lamb,
Who follow after righteousness,
Look to the rock from whence ye came,
The father of the faithful race.

2 Children of faithful Abraham these
Who dare expect salvation here,
The Lord shall give them gospel peace,
And all his hopeless mourners cheer;

3 Shall soon his fallen Zion raise,
Her waste and desolate places build;
Pour out the Spirit of his grace,
And make her wilds a fruitful field.

4 The barren souls shall be restored,
The desert all renewed shall rise,
Bloom as the garden of the Lord,
A fair terrestrial paradise.

5 Gladness and joy shall there be found,
Thanksgiving and the voice of praise;
The voice of melody shall sound,
And every heart be filled with grace.

6 A law shall soon from him proceed,
A living, life-infusing word,
The truth that makes you free indeed,
The eternal Spirit, of your Lord.

7 His mercy he will cause to rest
Where all may see their sins forgiven;
May rise, no more by guilt opprest,
And bless the light that leads to heaven.