Methodist Hymnal (1876)
1 SAVE me, O God; for thou alone
My tower of refuge art;
Thou art my Lord, my only good;
I bless thee from my heart.

2 The Lord alone shall be my cup,
And mine inheritance:
And thou art he that guards my lot
From every evil chance.

3 The fields wherein my lot is cast
In loveliness excel,
And in her pleasant heritage
My soul delights to dwell.

4 I thank the Lord who teacheth me
To read his will aright;
Yea, by his blessing do my reins
Correct me every night.

5 I set the Lord before my face,
And trust in him alone;
At my right hand the Lord doth stand;
I shall not be o'erthrown.

6 Therefore my heart is very glad;
My spirit shall rejoice;
My flesh in tranquil hope shall rest,
For thou wilt crown thy choice.

7 The path of life thou wilt display,
And keep for me in store
The fulness of thy joy, and peace
With thee for evermore.