Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 NOT from a stock of ours but thine,
Jesus, thy flock we feed,
Thy unexhausted grace divine
Supplies their every need;
But if we trust thy providence,
Thy power and will to save,
We have the treasure to dispense,
And shall for ever have.

2 Jesus, if we aright confess
Our heart-felt poverty,
We own the conscious want of grace
Itself a gift from thee;
And who our poverty retain,
More gifts we shall receive,
Multiplied grace and blessings gain,
And all a God can give.

3 Our scanty stock as soon as known,
Our insufficiency
For feeding famished souls we own,
And bring it, Lord, to thee;
Our want received into thy hand
Shall rich abundance prove,
Answer the multitude's demand,
And fill them with thy love.