Methodist Hymnal (1876)

1 HOW happy are we
Who in Jesus agree
To expect his return from above!
We sit under our Vine,
And delightfully join
In the praise of his excellent love.

2 How pleasant and sweet,
In his name when we meet,
Is his fruit to our spiritual taste!
We are banqueting here
On angelical cheer,
And the joys that eternally last.

3 Invited by him,
We drink of the stream
Ever flowing in bliss from the throne:
Who in Jesus believe,
We the Spirit receive
That proceeds from the Father and Son.

4 The unspeakable grace
He obtained for our race,
And the Spirit of faith he imparts;
Then, then we conceive
How in heaven they live,
By the kingdom of God in our hearts.

5 True believers have seen
The Saviour of men,
As his head he on Calvary bowed:
We shall see him again,
When, with all His bright train,
He descends on the luminous cloud.

6 We remember the word
Of our crucified Lord,
When he went to prepare us a place;
"I will come in that day,
And transport you away,
And admit to a sight of thy face."

7 With earnest desire
After thee we aspire,
And long thy appearing to see,
Till our souls thou receive
In thy presence to live,
And be perfectly happy in thee.

8 Come, Lord, from the skies,
And command us to rise,
Ready made for the mansions above;
With our Head to ascend,
And eternity spend
In a rapture of heavenly love.