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Removal to Melrose

The Lord in His providence has opened the way for His workers to take an advance step in New England,--a field where much special work should be done. The brethren there have been enabled to arrange to change the location of the sanitarium from South Lancaster to Melrose, a place much nearer Boston, and yet far enough removed from the busy city so that the patients may have the most favorable conditions for recovery of health. The transfer of the New England Sanitarium to a place so convenient to the city of Boston, is in God's providence. When the Lord sets His hand to prepare the way before us, God forbid that any should stand back, questioning the wisdom of going forward, or refusing to give encouragement and help. {SpTB13 3.1}

The removal of the New England Sanitarium from South Lancaster to Melrose has been presented to me as being directed by the Lord. {SpTB13 3.2}

Let all who are connected with this sanitarium labor to make it a model institution, where the living principles of righteousness shall prevail. Our institutions for the care of the sick and suffering are to stand upon the elevated platform of truth. They are to carry out the eternal principles of equity and righteousness. Those who are working in them are to weigh their actions in the scales of justice, and practise strict equity. God desires every man and every woman in His service to stand before Him in purity and truth, obedient to all His commandments. Cleanness of spirit must be preserved wherever the light of truth is to shine forth. All the workers in our sanitariums should ever remember that they are laboring in institutions dedicated to the Lord.

October 24, 1902. {SpTB13 3.3}

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