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I have been instructed that encouragement should be given to the work in the South, and that special help should come to the work in Nashville, Madison, and Huntsville. {SpTB11 3.1}

At the school in Madison it has been necessary to work with the strictest economy in order that the educational work undertaken there might be carried forward. Let our brethren who have means remember this school and its needs. {SpTB11 3.2}

A good work was done by Brethren Sutherland and Magan at Berrien Springs; in their labors at that place they went beyond their strength, imperiling their health, and even their lives. In their efforts at Madison, they are working too hard, and amid many difficulties. These brethren need not only our confidence, but also our help, that they may place the Madison school where it can accomplish the work that God designs it to do. I pray that the Lord will sanctify the understanding of our people, that these men may not be left to sacrifice their health in the work they are trying to do. I pray that teachers and students may have wisdom and courage to act well their part, and that they may be especially blessed in making the school a success. {SpTB11 3.3}

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