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Redeeming the Time

Let us now arise, and redeem the time. Everything in the universe calls upon those who know the truth to consecrate themselves unreservedly to the proclamation of the truth as it has been made known to them in the third angel's message. That which we see of the needs of the millions of colored people in the South, calls us to our duty. We are not to become dispirited and disheartened over the outlook. The Lord lives and reigns. And He expects us to do our part, by training for service and by sustaining in the field those who are best fitted to labor for the colored people. To our every effort He will add His blessing. His faithful servants in charge of the various lines of work, will be given wisdom to discern talent, and to train an army of workers to labor with courageous perseverance for their own race. There is work to be done in many hard places, and out of these places laborers are to come. The field is opening in the Southern States, and many wise, Christian colored men and women will be called to the work. The Lord now gives us the opportunity of searching out these persons, and of teaching them how to engage in the work of saving souls. When they go into the field, God will co-operate with them, and give them the victory. {SpTB12x 7.4}

Medical missionary work must be carried on among the colored people. At the Huntsville school some new buildings must be erected, one of which should be a small sanitarium. In connection with this training center, we desire to see a strong work done in preparing the colored people of the South to accomplish that which must be done for their own race. Among the most promising youth are those who should be trained to labor as canvassers, missionary nurses, hygienic cooks, teachers, Bible workers, and ministers. {SpTB12x 8.1}

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