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The Work that can be Done in Battle Creek.


The work that the believers in Battle Creek can do is at their hand. Let them distribute our literature. Let them make the most of every opportunity offered them to arrest the attention of unbelievers. Let those who have been reproved for serving self rather than Christ arouse themselves, and zealously repent. Let them put literature into every hand that will receive it, and let no one say, "Why do ye so?" In different ways a warning message is to be borne to high and low. Let all put on the gospel armor, and stand firm for the truth. {SpTB06 20.1}

My brethren and sisters, there will come into your city many who have never heard the truth for this time. These men and women may come from cities which through your neglect have never been warned. As they come to where you are, neglect not your duty. By wise, Christlike movements, disappoint the enemy. Now is your opportunity, just now, to tell them of what is coming upon the world. In great wisdom present the truth as it is in Jesus. {SpTB06 20.2}

During the summer let a large tent be pitched in the most favorable location, and let a series of meetings be held. In behalf of those who come to Battle Creek, let everything in our power be done to magnify the law, and make it honorable. Let the God of Israel be exalted as the great Medical Missionary.

Ellen G. White. {SpTB06 20.3}

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