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"Elmshaven," Sanitarium, Cal., Aug. 13, 1903.

My Dear Brethren: I understand that efforts are being made to establish a college in Battle Creek, after the Lord has plainly stated that there should not be a college there, giving the reasons. He said that the school was to be taken out of Battle Creek, to remove one excuse for so many crowding into Battle Creek, and settling there. . . . {SpTB06 44.2}

The establishment of a college in Battle Creek is contrary to the Lord's direction. The Lord does not look with favor upon this plan, or upon those who devised it. It is a plan of human devising. {SpTB06 44.3}

The Lord does not require his people to give of their means for the establishment of a college in Battle Creek; for he has declared that a college shall not be established there. He has declared that his people are not to settle in places where for so long the light of truth has been shining. . . . {SpTB06 45.1}

By written messages and by fire the Lord has declared that he wants his people to move out of Battle Creek. May God help us to hear his voice. Does it mean nothing to us that our two great institutions in Battle Creek were swept away by fire? You may say, "But the new Sanitarium has many patients." Yes; but if there were many thousand patients there, this would be no argument in favor of our people building homes in Battle Creek, and settling there. {SpTB06 45.2}

Temptations are increasing. Men are rejecting the light that God has sent in the Testimonies of his Spirit, and they are choosing their own devising and their own plans. Will men continue to separate themselves from God? Must he reveal his displeasure in a still more marked manner than he has already done? {SpTB06 45.3}

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