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How to Gain Success.

I repeat: It should be the fixed purpose of every youth to aim high in all his plans for life-work. Adopt for your government in all things the standard that God's word presents. This is the Christian's positive duty, and it should be also his positive pleasure. Cultivate respect for yourself because you are Christ's purchased possession. Success in the formation of right habits, advancement in that which is noble and just, will give you an influence that all will value. Live for something besides self. If your motives are pure and unselfish, if you are ever looking for work which somebody must do, if you are always on the alert to show kindly attentions and do courteous deeds, you are unconsciously building your own monument. This is the work that God calls upon all children and youth to do. Do good, if you would be cherished in the memory of others. Live to be a blessing to all with whom you come in contact, wherever your lot may be cast. There are thousands who do no good in the world. No one could point to them as the means, through Christ, of his salvation. Let the children and youth arouse to their opportunities. By kindness and love, by self-sacrificing deeds, let them write their names in the hearts of those with whom they associate. {SpTB01 32.1}

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