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Why Students Should Not Go to Battle Creek

I am continually receiving letters from our people, asking in regard to their children going to Battle Creek to work in the Sanitarium. For years God has been calling out people out of Battle Creek, and the instruction given me is that he will never counsel them to make Battle Creek an educational center. This is contrary to his plan. The whole field needs to be worked; and the calling of our youth from all parts of the field to the Battle Creek Sanitarium, robs the field of its workers. {SpTA12 12.3}

We have no message to advise students to go to Battle Creek, to be leavened by the insinuations that have been and are still being introduced to weaken confidence in our ministers and message. There are those, who, whenever they can get an opportunity, are sowing the seeds of evil insinuations. And when temptations come, those in whose minds these seeds have been sown will be wrought upon to divert others from the truths that God has been urging us to bear to the world.

Ellen G. White. {SpTA12 13.1}

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