Spiritual Gifts

1. These types of evangelistic growth are identified:

E-1 Evangelism - winning those of your own culture to Jesus Christ.

E-2 Evangelism - winning those of a slightly different cultural background than yours to Jesus Christ.

E-3 Evangelism - evangelising those of a vastly different culture than yours to Jesus Christ.

E-4 Evangelism - winning those who are already church members to Jesus Christ.

Circle the kind(s) of evangelism most common to our church.

2. Dr. Wagner also identifies four kinds of church growth:

Internal Growth - people who are already members of the Body of Christ are growing spiritually and in deeper fellowship with one another.

Expansion Growth - increasing the number of church members.

Extension Growth - planting new churches in a similar culture.

Bridging Growth - planting new churches in different cultures.

Prioritise the kinds of growth our church focuses on from the top priority (1) to the lowest priority (4).

Read Acts 1: 7-8. List the kinds of growth and evangelism that are emphasised in this passage.

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