Spiritual Gifts

1. Write your definition of the gift of evangelist.

2. Check the qualities you believe the Holy Spirit gives to a person with the gift of evangelist:

  • Love for others
  • Love for Jesus
  • Zeal
  • Compassion for the lost
  • Good speaking ability
  • Knowledge of the Scriptures
  • Friendliness
  • Extroverted personality
  • Passion

3. Circle two of the above qualities you believe are essential to an evangelist.

4. Read the definition of the gift of evangelist. 'The gift of evangelist is the special ability that God gives to certain members of the Body of Christ to share the gospel with unbelievers in such a way that men and women become Jesus' disciples and responsible members of the Body of Christ.'

Name the people you personally know who have this gift.

Something Good Out of Nowhere

Scene: Philip meets Jesus and then goes to tell Nathaniel. Nathaniel then meets Jesus. Taken from John 1:43-51.

Have Philip and Jesus walk across the front of the room from different directions and then almost run into each other.

Jesus: Hey Phil, you're going the wrong direction. Make a right turn and follow Me.

Phil: Right man. Be right back. I've got to tell Nathan about this.

Nathan: (Very relaxed, sitting down and sipping a cup of coffee or juice.) Yo, Phil, what's

Phil: 'Than, you won't believe this. I just met the Messiah!

Nathan: You serious?

Phil: Great, man, come see Him. (Starts pulling on Nathan to get up and come see Jesus.)

Nathan: So where is this guy from, man?

Phil: He lives in Nazareth.

Nathan: You serious?

Phil: No lie. Come and see.

Nathan: Ain't nothing ever good come out of Nazareth. I gotta' see this man. (Starts walking toward Jesus and stops suddenly.)

Jesus: Hey, brother, I know you were just sitting around sipping your drink and wondering about Me.

Nathan: Whoa, Phil ain't no liar. You are my main man.

Jesus: The best is yet to come, my brother. (All three leave the front of the room arm in arm.)

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