Voice in Speech and Song
Modest and Elevated Language -- Our language should be modest and elevated. The spirit you have cherished within has left its impression upon the countenance. Christ, enthroned in the soul-temple, will efface that fretful, peevish, unhappy look; and as the cloud of witnesses look upon a man reflecting the image of Christ, they will realize that he is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere.-- 4T 348.

Ennobling Conversation -- The conversation should be of that elevated, ennobling character which could afterward be called to remembrance with feelings of the highest pleasure.-- CD 88.

Divine Goodness -- The conversation of each should be of an elevated character, calculated to lead other minds in the right channel. The little mention that is made of divine goodness and the love of God shows marked ingratitude and that Christ is not enshrined in the heart.-- 4T 456.

Pure Influence of Truth -- The pure influence of truth will elevate the whole man. In his business


deal with his fellow men he will have the fear of God before him, and will love his neighbor as himself, and will deal just as he would wish to be dealt by. His conversation will be truthful, chaste, and of so elevating a character that unbelievers cannot take advantage of it, or say evil of him justly, and are not disgusted with his uncourteous ways and unbecoming speech.-- 1T 415, 416.

Words With Spiritual Power -- Even when sitting at the meal table, Christ taught truths that brought comfort and courage to the hearts of His hearers. When His love abides in the soul as a living principle, there will come forth from the treasure house of the heart words suitable to the occasion-- not light, trifling words, but uplifting words, words of spiritual power.-- CT 554.

A Positive Testimony -- It is our duty to be very jealous of the glory of God, and bring no evil report even by the sadness of the countenance or by ill-advised words, as though the requirements of God were a restriction upon our liberty. The whole person is privileged to bear a decided testimony in every line-- in features, in temper, in words, in character-- that the service of the Lord is good. This they proclaim: "The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul." Let your words be positive on the side of the Lord.-- Ms 70, 1897.

Less Speaking, More Praying -- Let us be careful of our words. Oh, there is so much speech that is


not for the glory of God. Would it not be much better if we should talk less and pray more?-- Ms 39, 1908.

Select Words -- When engaged in labor, guard the mind, keep it stayed upon God, talk less, and meditate more. Remember: "Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." Let your words be select; this will close a door against the adversary of souls.-- 4T 588.

Christ Is Voice Through You -- Make a covenant with God that you will guard well your words. "If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body." James 3:2. Remember that a revengeful speech never makes one feel that he has gained a victory. Let Christ speak through you. Do not lose the blessing that comes from thinking no evil.-- 7T 243.

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