Testimonies on Sexual Behaviour

AH The Adventist Home
AM Appeal to Mothers
4BC The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, vol. 4
DA The Desire of Ages
CG Child Guidance
Ed Education
FE Fundamentals of Christian Education
GCB General Conference Bulletin
Letter Ellen G. White Letter
LYL Letters to Young Lovers
1MCP Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 1
MB Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing
MH The Ministry of Healing
Ms Ellen G. White Manuscript
PP Patriarchs and Prophets
RH Review and Herald
4SGa Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4a
1SM Selected Messages, book 1 (2SM and 3SM for books 2 and 3)
SpT Series B Special Testimonies, Series B
ST Signs of the Times
1T Testimonies for the Church (2T, etc., for vols. 2-9)
TM Testimonies to Ministers

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