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The Sabbath

If God is particular about which day is the Sabbath why then do most Christians worship on Sunday and not Saturday?

Dear Reader,

This is a very important question and one that needs much thought. I shall also wish you to give close consideration to the answer I will give. All Christians are taught that the Bible is God's revealed word to all humanity, and as such it is profitable for all correction and instruction. Here is how the Bible puts it: 2 Tim 3:16 KJV: All scripture (is) given by inspiration of God, and (is) profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for corrections for Instruction in righteousness. 17 That the man Of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all -good works. In other words, for the Christian the Bible is to be his only rule of faith. How come then many Christians keep Sunday instead of Saturday? When the Son of God he kept the Sabbath holy as he had bade all men to do at creation. While on earth he did not instruct men at any time to change from Saturday to Sunday. In fact, concerning his law that, is what, he says, Matt 5:17 (KJV) Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. When Jesus left earth to return to heaven his disciples continued to keep his commandments including the Sabbath command. In A.D. 70, Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. At that time the Christians were all keeping the Sabbath and were instructed by Jesus to pray that in their flight from, the city prior to that destruction would not be on the Sabbath (Mat. 24:20). The Apostle Paul, the great champion of the gospel, had himself been a keen observer of the Sabbath commandment. Here is a glimpse of Paul's Sabbath keeping found in the Acts, Acts 17:2 And Paul, as his manner was, went into them, and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the scriptures. So we can safely say that the change from Saturday to Sunday did not come during this time of Christ nor his disciples, including the apostle Paul. According to the historical records the first mention of Sunday sacredness for the Christians came gradually over a period of years well after all the disciples of Christ had died. The fact that Sunday observance had to be legislated by the Roman government in the fourth century testifies to the slow process of change over. Next week we shall continue on the change of the Sabbath.

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