1 Samuel 6:5
mice: Bochart has collected many curious accounts relative to the terrible devastations made by these mischievous animals. William, Archbishop of Tyre, records, that in the beginning of the twelfth century, a penitential council was held at Naplouse, where five and twenty canons were framed for the correction of the manners of the inhabitants of the Christian kingdom of Jerusalem, who they apprehended had provoked to bring upon them the calamities of earthquakes, war, and famine. This last he ascribes to locusts and devouring mice, which had for four years together so destroyed the fruits of the earth as to cause an almost total failure of their crops. It was customary for the ancient heathen to offer to their gods such monuments of their deliverance as represented the evils from which they had been rescued; and Tavernier informs us, that among the Indians, when a pilgrim goes to one of the pagodas for a cure, he brings the figure of the member affected, made of gold, silver, or copper, according to his circumstances, which he offers to his god. Exo 8:5, Exo 8:17, Exo 8:24, Exo 10:14, Exo 10:15, Joe 1:4-7, Joe 2:25 give glory: Jos 7:19, Psa 18:44, Psa 66:3,*marg. Isa 42:12, Jer 3:13, Jer 13:16, Mal 2:2, Joh 9:24, Rev 11:13, Rev 16:9 lighten: 1Sa 5:6, 1Sa 5:11, Psa 32:4, Psa 39:10 off your: 1Sa 5:3, 1Sa 5:4, 1Sa 5:7, Exo 12:12, Num 33:4, Isa 19:1 Reciprocal: Gen 32:20 - peradventure 1Sa 5:9 - and they had emerods 1Sa 6:4 - Five golden 1Sa 6:8 - jewels Isa 44:11 - all his Joe 2:14 - Who Rev 14:7 - give