1 Samuel 26:5
Abner: 1Sa 9:1, 1Sa 14:50, 1Sa 14:51, 1Sa 17:55, 2Sa 2:8-12, 2Sa 3:7, 2Sa 3:8, 2Sa 3:27, 2Sa 3:33-38, 1Ch 9:39 trench: or, midst of his carriages, 1Sa 17:20, The word maugal never signifies a ditch or rampart, but a chariot or waggon way. Nor does it seem to denote a ring of carriages, as Buxtorf and others interpret the word; for it is not probable that Saul would encumber his army with baggage in so rapid a pursuit, nor that so mountainous a country was practicable for waggons. It appears simply to mean here, the circular encampment (from agal, "round") which these troops formed, in the midst of which, as being the place of honour, Saul reposed. An Arab camp, D'Arvieux informs us, is always circular, when the disposition of the ground will permit, the prince being in the middle, and the troops at a respectful distance around him. Add to which, their lances are fixed near them in the ground all the day long, ready for action.