1 Samuel 21:1
Nob: Nob appears to have been a sacerdotal city of Benjamin or Ephraim. Jerome says, that in his time the ruins of it might be seen not far from Diospolis or Lydda. But the Rabbins assert that Jerusalem might be seen from this town. The tabernacle resided some time at Nob; and after it was destroyed, it was removed to Gibeon; "and the day of Nob and Gibeon were fifty-seven years." Maimonides in Bethhabbechirah, c. 1. 1Sa 22:19, Neh 11:32, Isa 10:32 to Ahimelech: 1Sa 14:3, called Ahiah, 1Sa 22:9-19, called also Abiathar, Mar 2:26 afraid: 1Sa 16:4 Reciprocal: 1Sa 22:22 - I have occasioned 1Ch 24:3 - Ahimelech Eze 25:15 - to destroy