1 Samuel 20:5
the new moon: The months of the Hebrews were lunar months, and they reckoned from one new moon to another: and, as their feasts, particularly the passover, were reckoned according to this, they were very scrupulous in observing the first appearance of each new moon. On these new moons, they offered sacrifices, and feasted together, but the gathering together of all the families of a tribe on such occasions seems to have taken place only once in the year. 1Sa 20:6, Num 10:10, Num 28:11, 2Ki 4:23, Psa 81:3, Col 2:16 that I may: 1Sa 20:19, 1Sa 19:2, Psa 55:12, Pro 22:3, Joh 8:59, Act 17:14 Reciprocal: 1Sa 20:18 - new moon