1 Samuel 20:18
new moon: 1Sa 20:5 and thou shalt: Among the forms of salutation and compliment used in Persia, one was, according to my mode of notation in italics, Ja i shama khali bud pish yaran, signifying, Thy place or seat was empty among thy friends. This phrase, or the greater part of it, was frequently addressed to myself when coming into a circle of Persian acquaintances, after an absence of several days or weeks. It reminded me of a passage in the First book of Samuel - 1Sa 20:18. And thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty. And again, David's place was empty." Sir W. Ouseley's Travels, vol i. preface, p.16. empty: Heb. missed Reciprocal: Col 2:16 - the new