1 Samuel 20:12
O Lord: This verse is evidently deficient. The LXX have Κυριος ο Θεος Ισραηλ οιδεν, "The Lord God of Israel doth know;" the Syraic and Arabic, "The Lord God of Israel is witness;" either of which makes good sense. But two of Dr. Kennicott's manuscripts supply the word chai, "liveth;" and the text reads thus: "As the Lord God of Israel liveth, when I have sounded my father - if there be good unto David, and I then send not unto thee," etc.; which is a still better sense. Jos 22:22, Job 31:4, Psa 17:3, Psa 139:1-4 sounded: Heb. searched, Pro 20:5, Pro 25:2, Pro 25:3 show it thee: Heb. uncover thine ear, 1Sa 20:2 Reciprocal: 1Sa 23:18 - General