1 Samuel 17:4
Goliath: 1Sa 17:23, 1Sa 21:9, 1Sa 21:10, 2Sa 21:19, 1Ch 20:5 of Gath: 1Sa 27:4, Jos 11:22, 2Sa 21:16-22, 1Ch 20:4-8 whose height: Deu 3:11, 1Ch 11:23, Amo 2:9 six cubits: According to Bp. Cumberland's calculation, the height of Goliath was about eleven feet ten inches; but Parkhurst estimating the ordinary cubit at seventeen inches and a half, calculates that he was nine feet six inches high. Few instances can be produced of men who can be compared with him. Pliny says, "The tallest man that hath been seen in our days was one name Gabara, who, in the days of Claudius, the late Emperor, was brought out of Arabia: he was nine feet nine inches." Josephus mentions a Jew, named Eleazar, whom Vitellius sent to Rome, who was seven cubits, or ten feet two inches high. Becanus saw a man near ten feet, and a woman that was full ten feet. And, to mention no more, a man of the name of John Middleton, born at Hale, near Warrington, in Lancashire, in the reign of James the First, was more than nine feet high. Dr. Plott, in his history of Staffordshire, says, that "his hand, from the carpus to the end of the middle finger, was seventeen inches, his palms eight inches and a half broad, and his whole height was nine feet three inches; wanting but six inches of the height of Goliath of Gath. Reciprocal: Gen 6:4 - giants Num 13:33 - saw the giants 1Sa 5:8 - Gath 1Sa 9:2 - from his shoulders 1Sa 10:23 - he was higher Job 39:21 - and Psa 33:16 - mighty Jer 9:23 - neither Amo 6:2 - Gath