1 Samuel 17:31
sent for him: Heb. took him, Pro 22:29, The preceding twenty verses, from the 1Sa 17:12, to the 1Sa 17:31, inclusive, the 1Sa 17:41, and from the 1Sa 17:54, to the end of this chapter, with the first 1Sa 18:1, and the 1Sa 18:9, 10th, 11th, 1Sa 18:17, 18th, and 19th, of chapter 18, are all wanting in the Vatican copy of the LXX; and they are supposed by Dr. Kennicott, and others, to be an interpolation. But, as Bp. Horsley observes, it appears, from many circumstances of the story, that David's combat with Goliath was many years prior to Saul's madness, and David's introduction to him as a musician. In the first place, David was quite a youth when he engaged with Goliath - 1Sa 17:33, and 1Sa 17:42. When introduced to Saul he was of full age - 1Sa 16:18. Again, this combat was his first appearance in public life, and his first military exploit - 1Sa 17:36, 1Sa 17:38, 1Sa 17:39. When introduced as a musician, he was a man of established character, and a man of war - 1Sa 16:18. Now the just conclusion is, that the last ten verses of 1Sa 16:14, have been misplaced; their true place being between the ninth and tenth verses of Jos 18:9. Let them be removed there, and the whole apparent disorder will be removed. Reciprocal: 1Sa 17:58 - Whose son