1 Samuel 15:12
Carmel: 1Sa 25:2, Jos 15:55, 1Ki 18:42 he set him: 1Sa 7:12, Jos 4:8, Jos 4:9, 2Sa 18:18 a place: Yad, Literally as the LXX render χειρα, a hand; probably because the trophy or monument of victory was in the shape of a large hand, the emblem of power, erected on a pillar. These memorial pillars were anciently much in use; and the figure of a hand, by its emblematical meaning, was well adapted to preserve the remembrance of a victory. Niebuhr, speaking of the Mesjed Ali, or Mosque of Ali, says that, "at the top of the dome, where one generally sees on the Turkish mosques a crescent, or only a pole, there is here a hand stretched out, to represent that of Ali." Another writer informs us, that at the Alhamra, or red palace of the Moorish kings in Grenada, "on the key-stone of the outward arch - of the present principal entranceis sculptured the figure of an arm, the symbol of strength and dominion. Reciprocal: Num 31:13 - went forth Jos 19:26 - Carmel 1Ki 18:19 - mount Carmel Psa 49:11 - they call