1 Samuel 10:9
back: Heb. shoulder gave: Heb. turned another heart: 1Sa 10:6 and all those signs: The following history of Saul is given by the Afghans, a people generally supposed to be of Jewish origin: "In a war which raged between the children of Israel and the Amalekites, the latter being victorious, plundered the Jews, and obtained possession of the ark of the covenant. Considering this - asthe God of the Jews, they threw it into the fire, which did not affect it. They afterwards attempted to cleave it with axes, but without success: every individual who treated it with indignity, was punished for his temerity. They then placed it in their temple; but all their idols bowed to it. At length they fastened it upon a cow, which they turned loose in the wilderness. When the prophet Samuel arose, the children of Israel said to him, We have been totally subdued by the Amalekites, and have no king. Raise to us a king, that we may be enabled to contend for the glory of God.' Samuel said, In case you are led out to battle, are you determined to fight?' They answered, What has befallen us, that we should not fight against infidels? That nation has banished us from our country and children.' At this time the angel Gabriel descended, and delivering a wand, said, It is the command of God, that the person whose stature shall correspond with this wand, shall be king of Israel.' Melec Talut was at that time a man of inferior condition, and performed the humble employment of feeding the goats and cows of others. One day, a cow under his charge was accidentally lost. Being disappointed in his searches, he was greatly distressed, and applied to Samuel saying, I have lost a cow, and I do not possess the means of satisfying the owner. Pray for me that I may be extricated from this difficulty.' Samuel perceiving that he was a man of lofty stature, asked his name. He answered, Talut. Samuel then said, Measure Talut with the wand which the angel Gabriel brought.' His stature was equal to it. Samuel then said, God has raised Talut to be your king.' The children of Israel answered, We are greater than our king. We are men of dignity, and he is of inferior condition. How shall he be our king?' Samuel informed them, they should know that God had constituted Talut king, by his restoring the ark of the covenant. He accordingly restored it, and they acknowledged him their sovereign." Asiatic Researches, vol. ii. p. 119, et seq. 1Sa 10:2-5, Jdg 6:21, Jdg 6:36-40, Jdg 7:11, Isa 38:7, Isa 38:8, Mar 14:16 Reciprocal: Num 27:20 - put some 1Sa 16:13 - the Spirit