Ruth 3:2
is not Boaz: Rth 2:20-23, Deu 25:5, Deu 25:6, Heb 2:11-14 with whose: Rth 2:8, Rth 2:23 he winnoweth: It is probable that the winnowing of grain was effected by taking up a portion of the corn in a sieve, and letting it down slowly in the wind; thus the grain would, by its own weight, fall in one place, while the chaff, etc., would be carried a distance by the wind. It is said here that this was done at night; probably what was threshed out in the day was winnowed in the evening, when the sea breeze set in, which was common in Palestine. Reciprocal: Lev 25:25 - General Rth 2:1 - kinsman