Judges 11:31
whatsoever: etc. Heb. that which cometh forth, which shall come forth shall surely: Lev 27:2, Lev 27:3, Lev 27:28, Lev 27:29, 1Sa 1:11, 1Sa 1:28, 1Sa 2:18, 1Sa 14:24, 1Sa 14:44, Psa 66:13, Psa 66:14 and I will: or, or I will, etc. Wehaaleetheehoo olah, rather, as Dr. Randolph and others contend, "and I will offer Him (or to Him, i.e., Jehovah) a burnt offering;" for hoo may with much more propriety be referred to the person to whom the sacrifice was to be made, than to the thing to be sacrificed. Unless understood in this way, or as the marginal reading, it must have been the vow of a heathen or a madman. If a dog, or other uncleaned animal had met him, he could not have made it a burnt offering; or if his neighbour's wife, sons, etc., his vow gave him no right over them. Lev 27:11, Lev 27:12, Deu 23:18, Psa 66:13, Isa 66:3 Reciprocal: Gen 22:2 - and offer Gen 28:20 - vowed Gen 28:21 - I come Lev 5:4 - to do evil Num 30:2 - vow a vow Deu 23:23 - That which Jdg 11:39 - did with Jdg 21:1 - There 2Ki 3:27 - offered him Mic 6:7 - shall Mat 14:9 - the oath's