Judges 1:31
Asher: Jos 19:24-30 Accho: Accho, the Ptolemais of the Greeks and Romans, and called Saint John of Acre by the Crusaders, is situated on the Mediterranean, in a fine plain, at the north angle of a bay to which it gives name, and which extends in a semicircle of three leagues as far as Carmel, and nine leagues from Tyre. Zidon: Another celebrated city of Phoenicia, now Saide, situated in a fine country on the Mediterranean, 400 stadia from Berytus, and 200 - northfrom Tyre, according to Strabo, one day's journey from Paneas, according to Josephus, and sixty-six miles from Damascus, according to Abulfeda. Achzib: Or, Ecdippa, now Zib, nine miles north, from Accho. Reciprocal: Num 13:21 - Rehob Jos 19:28 - great Jos 19:29 - Achzib Jos 21:31 - Rehob 2Sa 10:8 - Rehob 1Ki 20:26 - Aphek Mat 15:21 - Tyre