Joshua 5:11
old corn: The people would find abundance of old corn in the deserted granaries of the affrighted inhabitants, and the barley harvest being ripe, after offering the sheaf of first-fruits, they ate also new parched corn; and thus the manna being no longer necessary, ceased, after having been sent them regularly for almost forty years. To Christians the manna for their souls shall never fail, till they arrive at the Canaan above, to feast on its rich and inexhaustible provisions. unleavened cakes: Exo 12:18-20, Exo 13:6, Exo 13:7, Lev 23:6, Lev 23:14 Reciprocal: Exo 23:15 - the feast Lev 25:22 - old fruit Lev 26:10 - General Num 15:19 - General Psa 105:44 - inherited